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KMN Director

The ​Katinnganiq: Community, Connectivity, and Digital Access for Life Promotion in Nunavut​ isa multifaceted and collaborative effort to create both digital and physical spaces that offeropportunities for our youth to connect with each other, learn skills, be creative and expressthemselves in a safe environment. The Katinnganiq Makerspace Network (KMN) project wasfounded through an initiative of four partners; the Nunavut Association of Municipalities, EmbraceLife Council, Pinnguaq Association and Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre.

The project will improve youth health and wellness by teaching new skills, improving sense ofagency, fostering positive peer and adult relationships, connecting with culture and identity andproviding new creative outlets while engaging with data and connected technology as pathways tomental wellness. This will be done through the creation of Makerspaces in communities acrossNunavut.

Makerspaces, as defined for the purpose of this project, are central hubs for digital and STEAM-based activities where people of all ages and of all backgrounds come together to share,learn, create, experiment, play and have fun. They will be spaces for healthy living that integrateInuit culture, knowledge and technology while providing:

  • A safe and warm space for youth; somewhere to go and something to do
  • A welcoming environment
  • Tools, resources, workshops, curriculum and open-ended projects
  • Opportunities to learn new skills and endless possibilities to create
  • An outlet for creativity and expression

Our model for Makerspaces in Nunavut is focused on building pathways to life promotion andmental wellness for youth firmly grounded in Indigenous values by nurturing creativity, fosteringagency and building positive relationships while engaging in the expanded field of technology atthe intersection of art, culture, science and education.


Whether you’re a community member or someone interested in our project, we’d love to hear from you

We want to know how our proposal can be best applied to benefit the health and wellness of Nunavummiut. Your feedback and opinions are the most important factors in the structure and implementation of these initiatives.

We welcome your thoughts, concerns or idea. Please write to us through the contact form below. When we receive your message, a member of our team will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.