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Makerspace Project Proposal Portal

  1. Please review the Makerspace Funding Allocation Policy (found here: Makerspaces – Smart Cities Challenge (
  2. Please download and fill-out the Makerspace Partner Expenses Template spreadsheet (found here: Makerspace Partner Expense Template).
  3. Please submit your Makerspace Project proposal through the online Google form: Katinnganiq Makerspace Network – Makerspace Project Proposal Application. NOTE: You will need a Google email address to fill out this form. If you do not have a Google email address already, you can create one free at and click “Create account” at the bottom. If you require assistance, please contact KMN Executive Director Brian Pottle at

Note that the definition of Eligible Projects is as follows:

  • Creating, maintaining, or expanding a makerspace in Nunavut; and/or
  • Creating, maintaining, or expanding programming through tools, resources, workshops, curriculum, and other programming supports for makerspaces in Nunavut.

Makerspace Project Proposal Application Form Overview

Section 1 – General Info

  1. Name of your organization
  2. Which community your organization is based out of
  3. Which community the makerspace will be based out of
  4. Your role in the organization
  5. Your contact info

Section 2 – Makerspace Project Summary

A brief summary of your proposed makerspace project

Section 3 – Expenses for Makerspace Project

Download, complete, and upload the Makerspace Partner Expenses Template spreadsheet (found here: Makerspace Partner Expenses Template).

Cost categories include:

  1. Physical Space (Rent/Mortgage, Heating, and Internet)
  2. Labour and Salaries
  3. Materials and Equipment
  4. Training/Instruction & Professional Development
  5. Other Costs

As per the Makerspace Funding Allocation Policy: Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to:

  1. Physical space;
  2. Resources (tools, technology, facilitators, and curriculum);
  3. Training (facilitator training, mental wellness training, and other relevant training); and
  4. Supporting participation (food, transportation to/from Makerspace, and other expenses that directly support participation).

Section 4 – Applicant Resources

Outline of Makerspace Project team, any project partners, any project in-kind contributions, and any other sources of funding that promote sustainability.

Section 5 – KMN Proposal Review Criteria

Section VII – Proposal Review Process of the Makerspace Funding Allocation Policy outlines in-depth the criteria KMN will consider for a Makerspace Project proposal.

As a brief reference, these criteria are:

  1. Needs assessment
  2. Capacity
  3. Sustainability
  4. Evaluation and reporting
  5. Well-being of participants
  6. Inuit-informed
  7. Community involvement
  8. Collaborative spirit
  9. ‘Smart’ approach
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